Iku Yakitori Address - 139 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Melbourne  Bars
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About Iku Yakitori
Iku Yakitori
139 Sydney Rd , Brunswick
Melbourne, VICTORIA, 3056
P:03 8310 4848
Have you ever visited a foreign country and realized that the place was something totally different from your expectations? In most cases, this experience is the most exciting part of travelling.

What kinds of things would you expect if you were to travel to Japan? Your answers to this question may include crowded cities and trains, politeness to the extreme and sushi or other elegantly presented traditional food. Yes, you'll find these things in Japan, but they are only parts of the culture. Like any other country, Japan also has a more casual and fun side to its culture and this is what Iku Yakitori is all about.

Yakitori, chicken skewers barbecued right in front of you, is one of the most popular restaurant and bar foods in Japan. It can be an ideal snack between a cold beer or two. Eaten in combination with other items from their menu, including barbecued seafood and vegetables and a variety of salads and pickles, Yakitori can become a substantial and healthy meal. Yakitori is traditionally ordered in numerous small portions during a meal, much in the style of Spanish tapas.

The bar offers you a variety of beverages including draft and bottled beers, spirits, sake (Japanese rice wine) and shochu, a medium strength liquor, which is served with freshly squeezed fruit juice.

It's hard not to have a good time with good quality, innovative food and a few drinks. With its unique and relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff, we are sure that Iku Yakitori can become a favored dining experience for any occasion.

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